dilatasyon bandı keçe takviyeli dilatasyon bandı

Expansion Joint Tape

Thermoplastic elastomer based EKAFLEX is a permanently elastic dilatation band used in joints of all types of construction and expansion joints. During application, high performance EKAFIX Epoxy Adhesive should be used.

dilatasyon bandı

Application Areas

  • In underground applications – underneath the plants.
  • In waterproofing of horizontal / vertical dilatations.
  • In the insulation of wide and irregular cracks.
  • In elastic waterproofing of base-parapet connections.
  • In the joints of different building materials such as steel construction and reinforced concrete.
  • In the swimming pool and wastewater units.
  • It is used in tunnel and similar underground structures.


  • UV resistant.
  • High resistant to plant roots.
  • Resistant to bacterial attacks and chemical degradation.
  • High resistant to environmental influences and aggressive environments.
  • Easily processable.
  • High elasticity.

Method of Application

ekaflex uygulama metodu

Surfaces must be clean, free from carriers and loose particles.

EKAFIX Application:

EKAFIX (Epoxy adhesive) has two components. Component A (3.75 kg) and Component B (1.25 kg) are mixed in a low-speed mixer until homogenous before mixing. With trowel and spatula, EKAFIX (Epoxy Adhesive) is applied to the dilatation sidewalls with a thickness of approximately 1.0 – 1.5 mm. The application width should be at least 40 mm for the 20 cm tape, and at least 50 mm for the tape 30 cm. To ensure strong adherence, the adhesive must be thoroughly applied.

EKAFLEX Application:

The areas to be applied should be identified and the appropriate tape lengths should be prepared. The tapes to be added are prepared by boiling them with hot air gun before application. EKAFLEX tape is laid on the adhesive layer and with the help of a suitable roll, full contact is established between the tape and the adhesive layer. In the same way, EKAFIX Epoxy Adhesive is applied to the top surface of the band. The application is done with a thickness of 1.0 – 1.5 mm and a band of at least 20 mm, the layer is allowed to harden. EKAFIX Epoxy Adhesive tape should not be moved, lifted and must be protected against water and/or mechanically stressed until it is fully hardened. It is important to consider that, in cold weather the drying time of the adhesive is longer than it is in hot weather.

Technical Features

Tensile Strength(Transverse)EN-ISO 527-3MPa4,7
Tensile Strength(Longitudinal)EN-ISO 527-3MPa4,8
Maximum load elongation (Transverse)EN-ISO 527-3%580
Maximum load extension (Longitudinal)EN-ISO 527-3%532
Tear Propagation Resistance
EN-ISO 12310-2N/mm²48
Tear Propagation Resistance (Longitudinal)EN-ISO 12310-2N/mm²42
HardnessISO 868Shore A70
Epoxy peeling resistanceDIN 16860N/10mm> 20
Chemical resistanceWater-based and bitumen-based basic insulations Sea water,wastewater, UV rays, Hydrolysis, Microorganism  
ColorRAL 7040  
Water Pressure ResistanceEN 1928Bar> 5
Cold formingSIA 280/3No cracking at -30°C
Service TemperatureSIA V280/3+430 / +90°C
Thickness mm1-1,25-1,5
Width cm15-20-25-30-35-40
Weight gr/cm²1,050 +-%5
No cracking

*Istanbul Technical University Report No: 221a/09.03.2016

Packing: 25 m rolls

Shelf Life: 24 months – in dry and cool environment, in unopened original packaging.

Product Code

Ekaflex-150/1DB: 150 x 1 mm
Ekaflex-200/1DB: 200 x 1 mm
Ekaflex-250/1DB: 250 x 1 mm
Ekaflex-300/1DB: 300 x 1 mm
Ekaflex-350/1DB: 350 x 1 mm
Ekaflex-400/1DB: 400 x 1 mm
Ekaflex-150/1.25DB: 150 x 1.25 mm
Ekaflex-200/1.25DB: 200 x 1.25 mm
Ekaflex-250/1.25DB: 250 x 1.25 mm
Ekaflex-300/1.25DB: 300 x 1.25 mm
Ekaflex-350/1.25DB: 350 x 1.25 mm
Ekaflex-400/1.25DB: 400 x 1.25 mm

Ekaflex-150/1.5DB: 150 x 1.5 mm
Ekaflex-200/1.5DB: 200 x 1.5 mm
Ekaflex-250/1.5DB: 250 x 1.5 mm
Ekaflex-300/1.5DB: 300 x 1.5 mm
Ekaflex-350/1.5DB: 350 x 1.5 mm
Ekaflex-400/1.5DB: 400 x 1.5 mm
Ekaflex-150/2DB: 150 x 2 mm
Ekaflex-200/2DB: 200 x 2 mm
Ekaflex-250/2DB: 250 x 2 mm
Ekaflex-300/2DB: 300 x 2 mm
Ekaflex-350/2DB: 350 x 2 mm
Ekaflex-400/2DB: 400 x 2 mm