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Polymer Based Hydrophilic Swelling Rubber

EKASWELL POLY is a polymer-based, high swelling and long cycle capacity swelling waterstop joint tape containing hydrophilic particles.

şişen bant

Application Areas

  • Indoor and outdoor places.
  • Pools, water tanks, treatment plants.
  • In basic-curtain combinations.
  • Pipe inlet and outlet.
  • Construction joints in cable ducts.
  • In tunnel segments.
  • In the joints of old and new concrete.
  • Used in construction joints.


  • Easy application.
  • Flexible.
  • Controlled swelling does not inflate suddenly in concrete casting and does not damage concrete.
  • It is resistant to high salt concentration and various chemicals,
  • There is no disintegration and.
  • The cycle capacity is high.

Technical Features

Expansion rate after 7 daysDIN 73521300%
Expansion rate after 14 daysDIN 73521300%
Wet-dry expansion ratioDIN73521250%
Water pressure resistance7 bar / 70 m
Density 1.3-1.4 g/cm3
Application temperature-20°C / 50°C
Test water hardness (CaCO3)200 ppm

Standart Measures

  • EKASWELL POLY2005:20 MM X 5 MM  20 M/Roll (100 M per C.Box)
  • EKASWELL POLY2010:20 MM X 10 MM  10 M/Roll (50 M per C.Box)
  • EKASWELL POLY2520:25 MM x 20 MM  5 M/Roll  (25 M per C.Box)

Shelf Life

24 months unopened under suitable storage conditions (in a dry and cool environment, in its original packaging).