Product Definition:

Epoxy resin based, solvent free, two component, thixotropic mounting and bonding mortar.

Application Areas:


Method of Application :


Preparation of Application Surface:

Surfaces to be applied must be dry. Surfaces must be clean, strong, free from carriers and loose particles. Surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned from materials that reduce adherence such as oil, grease, and dirt. The surface should be roughened by mechanical methods if required.

Preparation of Mixture:

EKAFIX has two components. Component A (3.75kg) and Component B (1.25kg) is mixed in low speed (400-600 dv / min) mixer until it becomes a homogeneous mixture.

NOTE: During mixing, make sure that the material is between + 15 ° C - + 25 ° C.

EKAFLEX Band Application:

EKAFLEX dilatation tapes are applied on both sides with a trowel or spatula with a 1.5 mm thickness and a 40 mm wide strip of EKAFIX. After EKAFLEX is poured, the same procedure is applied on top of the band and the adhesive should not be exposed to mechanical stress until fully dry. Do not affix EKAFLEX dilatation band joints with EKAFIX epoxy adhesive. The joints must be glued with hot air supply.

The adhesive used in the cementation process of ceramic, granite, and marble is applied on the surface by using a notched trowel. The piece should be slightly glided during the placement and should get into the final position in 30 minutes. In general-purpose cementing,

The adhesive should be applied on both surfaces and materials should not be moved after being pressed together until the adhesive dries.

Technical Features:

Ekafix Component A

Epoxy Resin

Ekafix Component B

Epoxy Hardener



Mixed Density

1.7 kg / liter

Chloride Ion Content

Grey≤ 0.05%

Glass Transition Temperature

≥ 45 ° C

Compression Strength


30 N/mm2


7.75 N/mm2

Eğilme Mukavemeti


17 N/mm2


25 N/mm2

Adhesion Strength

on Concrete

3 N/mm2

on steel

3,5 N/mm2

Application Thickness

Min:2mm, Maks:30mm

Mixed Product use time

40 min (20°C)

Temperature Strength

-15°C / +90 °C

Full Strength Period

7 days


Approximately 1,7 kg / mt in EKAFLEX dilatation tape installation According to the need for bonding.




Store in dry and cool place unopened in original packaging. Do not leave on the sun and protect from the ice. It has a shelf life of 12 months.