şişen bant

Bentonite Based Swelling Rubber

EKASWELL BNT is a sodium bentonite and butyl rubber based waterstop joint tape that expands when in contact with water. It expands up to 300% in volume when in contact with water, and returns to its original state in a dry environment.

bentonit şişen bant

Application Areas

  • Indoors and outdoors,
  • In pools, water tanks, treatment plants,
  • In foundation-curtain combinations,
  • In manholes,
  • At pipe inlets and outlets,
  • Construction joints in cable channels,
  • In tunnel segments,
  • At the junctions of old and new concretes,
  • It is used in construction joints.


  • It does not require welding at the joints.
  • It can be easily cut with scissors and a utility knife.
  • It is not affected by freezing and thawing.
  • Resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

Technical Features

Expansion rate after 7 days DIN 73521 200%
Expansion rate after 14 days DIN 73521 300%
Wet-dry expansion ratio DIN73521 200%
Water pressure resistance 5 bar / 50 m
Application temperature -20°C / 50°C
Test water hardness (CaCO3) 200 ppm

Standart Measures

  • EKASWELL BNT2005:20 MM X 5 MM – 10 M/Roll (70 M per C.Box)
  • EKASWELL BNT2010:20 MM X 10 MM – 10 M/Roll (50 M per C.Box)
  • EKASWELL BNT2510:25MM X 10 MM – 10 M/Roll (35 M per C.Box)
  • EKASWELL BNT2520:25 MM x 20 MM – 5 M/Roll  (35 M per C.Box)

Shelf Life

24 months unopened under suitable storage conditions (in a dry and cool environment, in its original packaging).