Butyl Tape

It is a polypropylene nonwoven fabric or aluminum foil reinforced butyl rubber based self adhesive insulation tape.

butil bant

Application Areas

  • For sealing in the construction industry.
  • As sound absorber and vibration absorber in the automotive and household appliances industry.
  • For air tightness in ventilation ducts.
  • For waterproofing in modular metal water tanks.
  • It is used at the joints and ends of curtain wall panels.


  • It fits very well with all known material surfaces.
  • It has a wide variety of components in sealing systems that provide good adhesion properties, which are well compatible with metals, concrete, masonry, wood, glass, hard PVC, bitumen, paint systems.
  • It has high resistance to UV rays, bad weather and water.
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Leak proof against steam diffusion.
  • It shuts off by itself.
  • Compatible with plexiglass and macrolon.

Method of Application


Preparation of Application Surface:


The application surfaces should be dry, clean and free from free particles.

EKABUTYL Tape Application:

Appropriate tape lengths are prepared by determining the application areas. The silicone paper is removed from the material and adhered to the desired surface. Pressed by roller to ensure perfect adhesion.

Technical Features

Chemical CompositionButyl Rubber
Width100 – 150 mm
Density1 – 1.2 gr/cm2
Water AbsorptionCan be neglected.
Application Temperature+5 – +30 °C
Temperature Resistance-40 – + 120 °C
Resistance to ChemicalsHigh
Resistance to External EnvironmentHigh

Shelf Life

Under appropriate storage conditions (dry, cool environment in the original package) is not opened as 12 months.

Product Code

EKABUTYL 100 KT: Nonwoven Takv. 100 mm
EKABUTYL 150 KT: Nonwoven Takv. 150 mm
EKABUTYL 100 AT: Alüminyum Takv. 100 mm
EKABUTYL 150 AT: Alüminyum Takv. 150 mm

Packaging and Storage


100 mm: Inside the Box (12 Roll Each Roll 10 mt) 120 mt

150 mm: Inside the Box (6 Rolls Each Roll 10 mt) 60 mt