Waterproofing Tape FLX

It is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) based waterproofing tape, specially designed for the insulation of moving joints, easy to apply and time-saving.

esnek pah bandı

Usage Areas

  • Indoors and outdoors,
  • In wet areas,
  • In pools,
  • In water tanks,
  • On balconies, parapets,
  • On terraces, roof ends,
  • It is used to compensate and insulate movements in cold joints and dynamic cracks in floors and curtains with its elastic structure.


  • It has a flexible and self-contained structure.
  • It is very easy to apply as its back surface is completely nonvowen coated.
  • It saves time compared to other chamfer bands.
  • It provides a permanent insulation.
  • Resistant to many chemicals.
  • It has limited resistance to ozone and UV.

Application Method

A suitable waterproofing product is applied on both sides of the joint or crack (with the middle part of which is approximately 4 cm empty) and before it dries, it is applied on it.

The EKAPAH FLX tape is laid.

The felt parts should be pressed with a roller or brush to ensure full contact with the waterproofing layer at every point.

Care should be taken that no pots form on the tape surface. After the waterproofing product dries, a second layer should be applied on it and care should be taken to ensure that the felt part remains impermeable between the two layers.

Care should be taken that the middle part of the tape does not stick to the insulation layer and remains idle, so that the tape will be able to bridge the movements of the structure.

Cracks wider than 3 mm should be filled with suitable mastic before application.

Technical Features

Material Structure

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Based, Flexible Non-Braided Felt Reinforced

ColorGrey (Can be produced in all requested colors.)
Total Width120mm/70mm – 150mm/100mm
Thickness0,60mm +-0,05mm
Elongation at Break (Transverse)>%180
Compressed Water Resistance>1,5 Bar
Service Temperature-30°C – +90°C
Soğukta KatlamaSIA 280/3
Servis SıcaklığıSIA V280/3+4

Packaging: : In White Box Carton (10 Rolls Each Roll 50m) 500m
Shelf Life: Store in a dry and cool environment away from sunlight for 24 months.

Product Code

Ekapah-120FLX: 120 x 70mm
Ekapah-150FLX: 150 x 100mm