Dilatation Tape

Termoplastic Elastomer Based

Thermoplastic elastomer-based EKAFLEX Dilatation Tape is a permanently elastic dilatation tape used in the joints of all kinds of construction and expansion joints.

Termoplastic Elastomer Based

It is a dilatation tape that is transversely flexible, longitudinally rigid, coated with a special polyester (PES) felt on both sides, and is made of flexible thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material, the middle part of which is resistant to tears and suitable for adhesion with bitumen and epoxy.


Champer Tape

Net Carrier

The carrier of EKAPAH is the highly elastic Chamfer Tape, fine-textured polyester mesh, and the middle part is produced from elastomeric resin in the desired colors (RAL, PANTONE).

Felt Carrier

The carrier of the EKAPAH high elasticity Chamfer Tape is felt, and the middle part is made of elastomeric resin in the desired colors (RAL, PANTONE).

Flexible Felt Carrier

It is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) based waterproofing tape, specially designed for the insulation of moving joints, easy to apply and time-saving.


Flexible Textile Membrane

Flexible Felt Carrier Termoplastic Elastomer Based

It is a three-layer, transversly high-stretch, longitudinally inflexible (rigid), extra-flexible thermoplastic elastomer-based waterproofing tape with a special non-woven felt coating on both sides. It is used for sealing and insulation of structural and cold joints.


Swelling Rubber

Polymer Based

EKASWELL POLY is a polymer-based, high swelling and long cycle capacity swelling waterstop joint tape containing hydrophilic particles.

Bentonite Based

EKASWELL BNT is a sodium bentonite and butyl rubber based waterstop joint tape that expands when in contact with water. It expands up to 300% in volume when in contact with water, and returns to its original state in a dry environment.


Butyl Tape

Nonwowen Fabric Or Aluminium Foil Carrier

It is a polypropylene nonwoven fabric or aluminium foil reinforced butyl rubber based self-adhesive insulation tape.


Epoxy Based Adhesive

Epoxy Based

It is an epoxy resin-based, solvent-free, two-component, thixotropic mounting and adhesive mortar.